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Created on 03 October 2012

Super Smith Bros is just Graham & I and yes we are real brothers, we work from home and simply send ideas, assets and game builds to each other to test and discuss. Obsessive Collecting Disorder was developed for the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace due to the growing familiarity Graham had with XNA and C#, it also seemed like an excellent platform for beginners being able to publish a game onto an established service without having to be screened and scrutinized by a publisher first.

Obsessive Collecting Disorder is a single player platformer that records your best stage times, has a casual mode that gives the player infinite lives per level and hardcore mode with only three lives per stage. You play as a stickman (or the everyman) who has volunteered to undertake a test program at a science facility gathering information on a newly discovered illness called ‘Obsessive Collecting Disorder’.

There are 7 stages consisting of 10 test chambers each, you’re tasked with collecting every coin in each test chamber in order to advance whilst also avoiding death from the many traps that litter each room. Every stage a new trap or hazard is added into the mix creating more and more challenging test chambers making sure you’re tested to your collecting limits. Thematically it’s a jab at the achievement culture and the obsession modern games seem to have with forcing players to track down useless collectables so they can get that elusive 100% complete status.



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